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Guiding the New Concept of Educational and Cultural Elderly Care from Diversified Elderly Care System to “DaAi Academic Elderly Care”

  General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed in the 32nd collective learning of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPC that: “The old age is an important period in one’s life which can be outstanding, progressive and delightful.” With the advent of the aging trend, DaAi City continuously explores the domestic and foreign advanced elderly care experience, absorbs the values in Chinese traditional culture, observes the spiritual demands of the elderly, offers a brand-new life style with physical and spiritual harvest for the elderly in China, rebuilds the life value of the elderly, and initiates the leading mode in the educational and cultural elderly care as a large-scale demonstration community for the leading mode of the national elderly care.

[Diversified elderly care system with “9073” full-coverage elderly care]

  As the national elderly care demonstration community, Xianghe DaAi City provides three kinds of elderly care service, namely, home-based elderly care, community elderly care and institution elderly care with several products such as elderly care apartment and villa with property right, for-profit elderly care apartment and apartment with nursing care. People can purchase the property right, rent the apartment or choose the service. It aims to initially realize the “9073” full-coverage elderly care service system advocated by the government where 90% of the elderly can enjoy the home-based care, 7% can enjoy the elderly care in the community, and 3% can live in the professional elderly care apartment. Every mode can realize the beautiful vision to become happier in the later life in DaAi City Community, and enable you to enjoy the life with good health, good life and good mood.

 Home-based elderly care    

DaAi City provides all-round menu-type home-based elderly care service with daily care, medical treatment and affection for the elderly in the community, making their life easy without worries.

Remark: Home-based elderly care provides all-round menu-type paid home-based elderly care service with daily care, medical treatment and affection

 Community elderly care    

DaAi City offers daytime care and home-based elderly care for the elderly that cannot be taken care of in the daytime in the community that.

 Institution elderly-care

DaAi City has a 40,000m2 DaAi Academy Elderly Care Center, providing all-round elderly care service including life keeper, nutritious food matching, health management, recreation and entertainment and social contact. It is also equipped with several cultural facilities such as library for the elderly, chess and card room, handicraft room, fitness room, swimming pool and tea room. Meanwhile, DaAi Academy Elderly Care Center specially designs rich artistic appreciation courses for the elderly, which are taught by domestic and foreign famous experts and scholars. The specialized and high-quality educational and cultural service centered on health care and art can rejuvenate the life vigor of the elderly, and realize the physical and mental harvest in the old age.

[DaAi Academic Elderly Care initiates the new concept of elderly care ]    

  After several years of exploration and practice, DaAi City strives to develop unique educational and cultural elderly care products, fully integrates the operation resources of the Group, and creates the innovative mode of “DaAi Academic Elderly Care” following the strategic objective and development positioning of the Group, with an objective of building two national demonstration bases, one national center and one cooperation and exchange platform.

  “DaAi Academic Elderly Care” is a new mode for elderly care service and life style initiated based on the educational and cultural resources of DaAi Academy and the elderly care real estate resources of DaAi City, as well as the core element of the differentiated competitive advantages of all the elderly care service products of DaAi. Its core value lies in that it can satisfy the spiritual demands, and realize the physical and mental harvest in the old age.  

  “DaAi Academic Elderly Care” aims to enable the elderly to experience the brand-new life style, make accomplishments in the true sense in the old age, and rejuvenate the life vigor through high-quality cultural elderly care service. The brand-new elderly maker center will promote the second entrepreneurship by the elderly, and rebuild the life value of the elderly.

[DaAi Academy Elderly Care Center provides comprehensive and considerate elderly care service for you]

  “DaAi Academy Elderly Care Center” is located in DaAi City Xianghe National Elderly Care Demonstration Base with a land area of 40,000m2. It is operated and managed by the professional education and elderly care team of DaAi City Group. The center was open for trial operation on October 9, 2016, providing 7,000m2 teaching and activity center and 342 sets of finely-decorated elderly care apartment.  

  The center provides all-round elderly care service including health management, life keeper, nutritious food matching, recreation and entertainment and social contact. Equipped with several cultural facilities, it provides professional and high-quality educational and cultural service centered on health care and art, taught by the domestic and foreign famous experts and scholars. The elderly can experience the brand-new life style of “DaAi Academic Elderly Care”.

 All-day health management service

Family doctors can establish the health management archives, provide medical consultancy and all-day health care, and offer the daily care and chronic disease rehabilitation for the elderly. 

 Comprehensive and considerate life keeper service    

A series of all-day life keeper services are provided for each elderly such as the evaluation, establishment of personal archives, formulation of the health service plan, supply of life keeper, room cleaning, bedding change and washing and subscription, purchase and payment on behalf. 

 Nutritious and delicious food    

The catering center pays attention to the nutrition and natural taste following the standard of balanced nutrition in the food. Chefs from five-star hotels and professional nutritionists are employed to make the nutritious and delicious food.

 Comfortable living space    

The living place is the hotel-style finely-decorated apartment, including one large room, one-bedroom house, and two-bedroom house. The room has a construction area of 30-72m2 with diversified room types available. The room is equipped with 30 safe designs such as furniture suitable for the elderly, wireless positioning in the community and emergency call system, providing a safe, comfortable and warm home for the elderly. 

 Complete living facilities    

The 7,000m2 elderly center is equipped with complete high-end cultural facilities such as the library for the elderly, activity room, fitness room and swimming pool.

 Professional learning space    

The elderly center has professional classrooms for traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, vocal music, floriculture, tea art, garden art, health center, handicraft, wine, jewelry, woodworking, martial art, baking, etc. 

 High-quality cultural leisure service 

    ·Professional and novel cultural leisure service

        The high-quality educational and cultural resources, scientific and complete curriculum system, diversified contents, original teaching method, powerful expert teachers and comfortable and quiet studying environment can satisfy the educational and cultural demands of the elderly. The curriculum covers the specialized courses such as calligraphy, Chinese painting, photography, vocal music, dance, wine appreciation, jewelry art and woodworking, as well as the advanced courses such as tea art, floriculture, baking, health care and handicraft.  

        ·Rich and diversified exchange activities

            High-level characteristic artistic performance is organized during which the elderly can participate in the itinerant exhibition of artwork such as calligraphy and painting or the itinerant performance of artistic programs such as music and dance together with famous experts.


            ·Characteristic international study

                The international study is customized for the middle-age and elderly to deeply experience the landscape and culture in foreign countries. The activity is accompanied by expert doctors for health care. The elderly can enjoy the comfortable trip, attend rich and practical courses, deeply exchange with the local elderly and experience the different life style.


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