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DaAi Flagship Works, Elderly Care Model
  DaAi City in Xianghe is an important component and demonstration project of “National Aiwan Project”, as well as the flagship project of DaAi City, satisfying the demand of China’s aging society, and solving the elderly care, children’s education and health of more families. After several years’ exploration and practice, it has created the innovative mode of “DaAi Academic Elderly Care” by fully integrating the operation resources of the Group. The project covers a total land area of over 4,800 mu, a planned construction land of 3,000 mu and a total construction area of 3,000,000 m2.

 A happy city along the Around-capital Economic Circle of Coordinated Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei
  DaAi City is initiated in the strategic town Xianghe ranking the top in the new seven rings of Beijing within the Around-capital Economic Circle of Coordinated Development of Beiing-Tianjin-Hebei, which have direct access to Tongzhou New Town and important strategic locations of the capital. The coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei has brought forth the regional economic reform and crowd structure adjustment, and further stimulated the market demand for the social elderly care. DaAi City grasps the unprecedented opportunity of the integrated development strategy of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei to build the all-age fully-supported and self-circulation happy city. 

 Optimal living space besides Tongzhou
  With the implementation of the planning of Tongzhou New Town, as the leading area of the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the development of Tongzhou will rapidly influence the market in Xianghe. In terms of the rise in house price, eco-environment and industry, DaAi City has more development advantages compared with the surrounding regions. Located in Xianghe, DaAi City has outstanding development prospects benefiting from high-quality resources in Beijing under the integration of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei.

【Project overview】

  DaAi City Phase I has an area of 400mu of British-style residence, which was open for sales in 2014, completed at the end of 2015 and delivered in June 2016. Supporting facilities such as DaAi Ecological Farm and DaAi Elderly Care Center were successively open for operation, and DaAi City has gradually builds richer, more mature and comprehensive life for owners.  

  DaAi City Phase II was launched into the market in 2016 with a total construction area of 489,000m2. The whole building and garden are of the American prairie style, covering diversified residential products and characteristic commercial facilities such as scene-viewing high-rise, garden villa and townhouse. Phase II is adjacent to 1,000mu education park in the south and east with access to all-age educational resources of famous universities, and the characteristic business street in the west provides high-quality supporting service for residents in the community.  

  DaAi City Phase III adopts the European-style garden layout and Art Deco style, conducts separation of pedestrian and vehicles, and divides several private landscape spaces such as high-afforestation rate garden, central waterscape park, central greenway square and boulevard, which fully displays the characteristics of the park city. Phase III has diversified residential products such as dignified high-rise, broad foreign-style house and duplex apartment, and supporting community service along the street. It is planned to be launched in 2017.

【Nine advantageous resources】

  • Aiwan Project Elderly Care Demonstration Base
  • National Green Building Demonstration Project of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development
  • School of Social Work of the Open University of China
  • Lifelong education platform: DaAi Academy
  • DaAi Academic Elderly Care Practice Platform: DaAi Academy Elderly Care Center 
  • High-quality educational resources: Beijing Jingshan School - DaAi City Branch
  • Famous educational institution: DaAi Chris Kindergarten
  • Innovation base for medical treatment for the elderly: Xianghe DaAi Hospital
  • Public welfare fund for the elderly: DaAi Public Welfare Fund

【Four characteristic industries】

  DaAi City in Xianghe strives to establish the whole industry chain system covering nine supporting services for living and elderly care following the concept of advanced elderly care community, and build the all-age, fully-supported and self-circulation happy city centered in Beijing, with a final objective of building a modern, advanced and healthy elderly care demonstration community in China.

 DaAi Academic Elderly Care

DaAi Academy Elderly Care Center was opened for business in October 2016; 
A brand-new life style for the elderly based on high-quality educational, cultural and elderly care resources; 
Mental and physical harvest in the old age; 
Professional operation team provides professional care for the elderly with different health conditions.

 DaAi Health and Medical Treatment

100,000m2 Xianghe DaAi Hospital; 
“Seven medical centers” provide outstanding medical service integrating health, prevention, health care, medical treatment and rehabilitation; 
Provide comprehensive health and medical treatment service for the elderly and high-end groups with the innovative mode of national medical treatment for the elderly; 
Phase I has 300 beds, and Phase II increases to 500 beds. It is planned to be completed and delivered for use in 2018.


 DaAi 1,000mu Education-themed Park

Excellent educational resources are provided for the whole life from the infant to the elderly.

[DaAi Chris Kindergarten]

Advanced early childhood education focuses on each child 
Operated by the famous early childhood education team Beijing Chris Kindergarten, born in Britain and settled in Beijing in 2002; 
Stress that children shall have international civic awareness and cultivate the world citizens with national spirits; 
Its education concept is popular in Europe, America and Asia. 

[Beijing Jingshan School DaAi City Branch]

12-year competence-oriented education for potential development of children;
Licensed in May 2016, and open for school in  the autumn of 2017; 
Jointly established by DaAi City Investment Holdings Co., Ltd and Beijing Jingshan School; 
Full-time private school with the nine-year education (5+4) of primary school and junior high school, and three-year senior high school; 
Managed by Beijing Jingshan School and run with the mode of Beijing Jingshan School. 

[DaAi Academy]

High-quality educational and cultural resources for brand-new life style for the elderly;
Famous domestic experts and scholars in several fields such as education, science & technology, culture, art, health, medicine, health preservation, sports and tourism;  
Planned to be equipped with complete teaching facilities such as teaching building, library, lifelong education courtyard and ecological sunlight room;  
Over ten categories of courses in answer for differentiated demands and building new learning paradise and spiritual home.

 DaAi Ecological Farm

The demonstration area of 200mu green ecological farm was opened for business in 2016; 
DaAi Farm introduces advanced agricultural technology, makes efficient use of land, and protects the ecological environment; 
Modern agriculture integrating ecological tourism and fruit & vegetable picking; 
Providing the healthy, green and organic food for DaAi City and surrounding residents, and fully enhancing the life quality of residents. 

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