Social Responsibilities
  Only the family, nation and country where the elderly lead a happy life in the old age is dignified.
  As the core demonstration unit of the major national livelihood project Aiwan Project, DaAi City strives to realize the reform in the social care, livelihood and well-being of the elderly in China with the sense of social responsibility, and explore the new development path of the aging industry under the background of Chinese culture.

[The aging society ]

According to the data published by National Development and Reform Commission in March 2016, by the end of 2015, there were 222,000,000 billion old people above 60 years old with an annual increase of 10,000,000 in recent years. At present, with the largest aging population in the world, China is confronted with the aging process of the largest scale and rapidest development speed in history, which will have a profound impact on China’s economy, society, population and family structure, and raise severe challenges to the elderly care. Young people want to take care of the old parents but they don’t have enough time and energy, the elderly are eager for company but don’t want to make trouble for children; meanwhile, the elderly in China have lost their dignity and delight due to loneliness, empty nest and disability, so the elderly care has become a social problem vital to the thousands of families and the national economy and the people’s livelihood.

[Aiwan Project]

the national project in the aging society

Aiwan Project is launched under such a background by Chinese government as a major livelihood project in response to the aging society. Initiated by relevant ministries and commission such as the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Committee on Aging and China Association of Social Workers under the support of the NPC and the State Council, Aiwan Project aims to promote the aging career, improve the quality of life of the elderly, realize the social harmony, build and perfect China’s social service system for the elderly. It is a systematic project of the social elderly care. Among the leading group of Aiwan Project, Simayi Aimaiti, Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of NPC assumes the Honorary Leader, and Zhou Tienong, Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of NPC and KMT Central Committee Chairman assumes the Leader.

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