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  General Secretary Xi Jinping once commented on the construction of characteristic towns that: “Given the exploration and practice in Zhejiang and some other places, the construction of characteristic towns has great prospects with great significance to the economic transformation and upgrading and new urbanization.” 
  After eight years’ exploration into the innovative mode of the social aging industry, DaAi City Holdings formally establishes the “Characteristic Towns for DaAi Academy Elderly Care” based on the existing industrial resources and traditional Chinese culture, following the development concept of “elderly care in academy and life in town” and the national strategy of “characteristic town”. 

  “Thousand Enterprises and Thousand Towns Project” is the establishment mode of new small towns initiated by National Development and Reform Commission, China Development Bank, China Everbright Bank, China Association of Enterprises, China Entrepreneur Association and China Urban-townization Promotion Council according to “market-oriented operation by enterprises under the guidance of the government”, which can establish the effective communication platform between small towns and enterprises, guide the participation of social capital into the construction of beautiful and characteristic small towns, and promote the integrated development and mutual growth of towns and enterprises. 
  As one of the first signing enterprises at the launching ceremony, DaAi City Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. formally entered into the strategic investment agreement with the People’s Government of Fenghua District, Ningbo City, in order to jointly establish the characteristic small town for DaAi academic elderly care.  

  Ningbo DaAi Academic Town is located in the Zhuangyuanao Island adjoining the Xikou Town, Fenghua City, Ningbo and Xuedou Mount Scenic Zone with a construction area of 2,000mu. It provides several types of elderly care service such as culture, easy life or Lohas, including the theme facilities such as DaAi Academy, children’s academy, academy workshop, academy hotel, academy hospital, academy market, academy dietary regimen and academy farming. With a total investment of over 10 billion, it is a major livelihood project introduced by Fenghua Government. 
  DaAi City Holdings provides an elderly care mode and practice for the increasingly severe aging society and a concept for the regression and innovation of traditional Chinese culture through the exploration into DaAi Academic Town; and hopes to provide an easy life landmark and cultural landmark for Ningbo through the enterprise innovation; strives to offer the new fashionable and cultural elderly care service integrating physical care and mental nourishment for the masses so that they can obtain the initiative and dignity in the old age, and DaAi academic elderly care culture will finally become the new linkage serving the community and connecting with the society, and enhance the employment and social harmony.  
  The project was formally commenced on December 25, 2016.

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