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Get back delight in the pastoral countryside in the city 

   The farming is no longer necessary in the urban life with great prosperity and rapid rhythm, but people are still in pursuit for idyllic and pastoral life just as the poem says, “As I pick chrysanthemums beneath the eastern fence, my eyes fall leisurely on the Southern Mountain”. Proper farming can make the elderly more healthy and delighted.
  Advocating “return to the nature and enjoy healthy life”, DaAi City plans the agricultural land in all the projects, enabling owners and the elderly to build their body through irrigation and fertilization, get much delight in the harvest, and enjoy the healthy, organic and Lohas countryside life. 


  It is one of the essential factors in the modern health preservation to return to the nature and health and pursue for fun in life. DaAi Agriculture provides excellent agricultural service for DaAi City and surrounding residents, and creates an organic, ecological and relaxing life for the elderly by taking the modern agriculture as an organic component of DaAi industrial cluster. The efficient modern agriculture service enables tens of thousands of families to get more delight and harvest, creates natural and better life for the elderly, and realizes the harmonious life of the three generations in the urban countrywide.

 Relaxed in farmland

  Integrating ecological tourism, fruit and vegetable picking and experience of farming, DaAi Farm provides a best place for urban residents to enjoy the rural fun and get relaxed physically and mentally.

Fun of self-sufficiency

  DaAi Farm has a leasing area where DaAi residents can rent a private area for plantation with agricultural technicians providing whole-process guidance and plantation agency, which lends infinite fun to the daily life of DaAi residents

Organic and healthy food

  DaAi modern agriculture has practical functions, which can provide pollution-free organic agriculture products, and build good micro-ecological cycle system.

  All the DaAi City projects have planned the agricultural land for the modern plantation of crops and agricultural products according to actual situations. Meanwhile, the advanced agricultural technology is introduced to efficiently utilize the land and protect the whole ecological environment.  

  • [Green pastoral life on 200mu]
    Xianghe DA Healthy Farm

      Characterized by “relaxed, funny, organic and planning”, DA Healthy Farm in Xianghe DA City provides a best place integrating ecological tourism and fruit & vegetable picking for the urban residents to enjoy rural life and get relaxed physically and mentally, offers high-quality organic agricultural products for local residents, and establishes a good micro ecosystem. DA Farm has a leasing area where DA residents can rent a private area for plantation with agricultural technicians providing whole-process guidance and plantation agency, which lends infinite fun to the daily life of DA residents.

      On the eco-farm in DA City, owners may plant their favorite fruits and vegetables with their family members, experience the fun of cultivation and harvest, obtain healthy and organic food, and enjoy the brand-new life style in the nature.

      Xianghe DA City Eco Farm is equipped with abundant supporting facilities including the plantation area for owners, BBQ area, pet park, colorful flower field, children’s recreation area, camp site, funny fishing area, rainbow track, etc. Currently, the construction of all the supporting facilities has been basically finished. Families of three generations can experience the simple farming life in the nature, get relaxed and enjoy the beauty of life.

  • [Planning for 1,500mu Chongming DA City Farm]
    New farming, new farmer and new life

      Chongming DA City has 1,500mu agricultural land planned for “new farming, new farmer and new life”. It follows the concept of sustainable ecological and circular agriculture, and complies with the integrated sustainable development of the community and farmland. It not only aims to develop the farmland, but also provide a brand-new life style for modern people.

      New farming: The ecological and circular agriculture with sustainable development comprises the intensive farming and integrated plantation and cultivation in combination with the advance concepts and diversified modes such as Permaculture agriculture.

      New farmer: Farmers include surrounding villagers, new-type professional farmers, urban elites returning to the hometown, agricultural brokers and modern farmers.

      New life: Brand-new healthy and green life style conforming to different appeals of families of three generations.

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