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Initiation of “DaAi Academic Elderly Care” Mode under the Guidance of Core Educational and Cultural Resources    

  “Live and learn” is a life-long education concept raised by the UNESCO in 1964, which has become an innovative education concept under the reform and development of the contemporary education in many countries. The education has penetrated into various phases of human life from the infant to the elderly, and the personal growth may be accompanied by the study as a lifelong career.

  With the advent of the aging society, the aging group can continuously satisfy the spiritual needs, enrich their spiritual world, make self-improvement, get rejuvenated in the later life, and realize new development in such an important period through culture and art learning and knowledge sharing.

  Advocating and implementing the life-long education concept raised by UNESCO, DaAi City has actively responded to the coordinated development strategy of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei under the guidance of the education and culture. Xianghe DaAi City has gradually introduced high-quality education resources from Beijing, planned an education-themed park covering an area of 1,000mu, and created supporting system for high-quality all-age education, including kindergarten, primary school, junior school, senior school, elderly life-long education and public social education. From the instinct development for the infant, personality cultivation for the juvenile, and the spiritual cultivation for the elderly, DaAi Education can satisfy the demands of different age groups for study, work, entertainment and social contact, and fully realize the personal development and spiritual pursuit of the learners. 

1,000mu Education-themed Park in Xianghe DaAi City

  In 2016, characterized by extension of life value and recreation of splendor, DaAi City launched the innovative elderly care service brand of “DaAi Academic Elderly Care” based on the full satisfaction with the elderly demands by making full use of the educational and cultural resources of DaAi Academy and elderly care real estate resources of DaAi City, aiming to observe the spiritual demands of the elderly, create a brand-new life style with physical and spiritual harvest for the elderly in China, rebuild the life value of the elderly, and rejuvenate their life vigor.
  • [DA Academy]
    High-quality lifelong education platform for brand-new life style for the elderly

      Located within the 1,000mu Education-themed Park, DA Academy is planned to be equipped with complete teaching facilities such as teaching building, library, lifelong education courtyard and ecological sunlight room. As the core institution of the “DA Academic Elderly Care”, DA Academy realizes the differentiated competitive advantage and core value of all the elderly care service products of DA with high-quality educational and cultural service.
      The artistic appreciation curricula of DA Academy cover several fields, such as education, science & technology, culture, art, health, medicine, health preservation, sports and tourism, and are taught by domestic and foreign famous experts and scholars, aiming to enable the elderly to comprehensively experience the brand-new DA academic elderly care, make accomplishments in the old age, and realize the physical and spiritual harvest!

      DA Academy also has a maker center to offer support for the establishment of brand studios by accomplished students.

     Direction of curriculum setting 

        Direction of curriculum setting、Living condition without incapability 、Pursuit of high-quality life 、New understanding of life problems 、Guidance of brand-new life style

    • [Beijing Jingshan School - DA City Branch]
      12-year competence-oriented education for potential development of children

        Jointly established by DA City Investment Holdings Co., Ltd and Beijing Jingshan School, Beijing Jingshan School DA City Branch is a full-time private school with the nine-year education (5+4) of primary school and junior high school, and three-year senior high school. Beijing Jingshan School is a school where education reforms or experiments of the urban primary schools and high schools are conducted. Famous for the explorations and experiments in teaching, it is also the model senior high school of Beijing City, and one of the contact centers of the Asian Education Update Program of UNESCO.

        In September 1983, Deng Xiaoping wrote an inscription saying “Education should be oriented to the needs of the modernization, the globalization and the future” for Beijing Jingshan School. Beijing Jingshan School DA City Branch is managed by Beijing Jingshan School and run with the mode of Beijing Jingshan School. It aims to foster the innovative spirit and practical ability of students, and cultivate outstanding talents for the new social structure in future.

        In May 2016, Jingshan School Education Group solemnly licensed Xianghe DA City to formally introduce the best education resource into Xianghe. Beijing Jingshan School has nine branches in Beijing, Hebei, Sichuan, Chongqing, etc. Beijing Jingshan School Xianghe DA City Branch is the only branch in the surrounding area of Beijing, which is run with the same schooling length, curricula, teaching materials and management mode as Beijing Jingshan School.

        The construction of Beijing Jingshan School DA City Branch will be  open for students in the autumn of 2017.

    • [DA Chris Kindergarten]
      International education concept for cultivation of every little child

        Built with the investment from DA City Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., DA Chris Kindergarten is operated by the high-quality early childhood education team- Beijing Chris Kindergarten. The kindergarten was born in Britain and settled in Beijing in 2002. It stresses that children have international civic awareness with an understanding the common kindheartedness of human beings, and promote them to be knowledgeable and sympathetic with national spirits. Its education concept is popular in Europe, America and Asia. Its several specific techniques are advanced in the world (special training technology for children’s attention, correction technology for children with special needs, etc.), which have not only won the high recognition by Chinese government at various levels, and great popularity among Chinese parents.

    • [The School of Social Work of Open University of China]
      National incubation base for elderly care service professionals cultivates the elderly care staff in the new generation

        As the only specialized school engage in the social work in China established by China Association of Social Workers of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Open University of China, the School of Social Work of Open University of China is settled in the Xianghe National Elderly Care Demonstration Base as the only incubation base for specialized elderly care and social workers integrating all-age elderly care, teaching, R&D and training in China. School of Social Work adopts the all-age education mode with both academic further education and non-academic further education. The academic education focuses on the social work in community and non-academic education focuses on the social work for the elderly care.

        Based on this high-quality platform, DA City will become an important incubation base for the professional elderly nursing talents. It will formulate the standards for the domestic elderly care service industry, and award the relevant academic certificate and qualification certificate to the workers in the elderly care service through professional training.

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