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  China Social Work Federation DaAi Public Welfare Fund (DaAi Public Welfare Fund for short) is a non-profit-making special fund donated and initiated by DaAi City Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. to China Social Work Federation on April 28, 2015, with the initial fund of RMB 50,000,000.

[Corporate social responsibility ]

  As an enterprise engaged in the construction and service operation of China’s aging industry, DaAi City Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. fulfills the social responsibilities of the enterprise, and offers great support for the development of China’s aging industry and deep concern for the elderly through the public welfare platform. DaAi Public Welfare Fund serves the industries and groups related to China’s aging industry such as elderly care service, health and medical treatment and life-long education centered on the focus on the aging society and the well-being of the aging group in China, actively organizes and promotes various forms of social activities that are beneficial to the development of public welfare career, creates the public welfare publicity platform, enhances the development of the public welfare career, and makes contributions to the establishment of harmonious society.

[DA public welfare activities ]

  The first public welfare project upon the establishment of DaAi Public Welfare Fund in 2015 is themed at concern for the elderly with cognitive disorder. There are 150,000-200,000 patients suffering from cognitive disorder in Beijing, 90% of whom requires family care. The greatest worry of the children of the elderly with cognitive disorder is the missing of the elderly. DaAi public welfare activities will be held in the communities in Beijing, which will provide continuous expert service such as the popularization lecture, evaluation and screening, and gratuitous diagnosis related to the cognitive disorder of the elderly, and appeal to the whole society to concern and understand the elderly with cognitive disorder. The elderly with cognitive disorder can obtain DaAi Wristband with GPS function provided by DaAi Fund, and enjoy the professional service. DaAi is always providing substantive help for the patients and families.

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