DaAi Outlook on Talents
Following the employment concept of “specialty, innovation, trust and friendship”, DaAi City respects the occupational development and emotional appeal of employees. DaAi employees are close partners working together with love and DaAi City is the best platform for you to realize dreams.
DaAi Platform
  • Education
  • Elderly care
  • Medical
  • Investment
  • Real estate
DaAi Story
We advocate the work with love, build a comfortable office environment, provide affectionate support at work, and organize the leisure sports activities and family activities, in order to make our work and life more pleasant. The subordinate DaAi Public Welfare Fund guides employees to actively participate in the social public welfare activities to repay the society. Every employee of DaAi City is writing their love story on their path of occupational development…
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  • +86 010 8593 0606
  • Chaoyang Sports Center No. 77 Beijing city Chaoyang
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